Mattel Aquarius

Spell It
Spell It - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Dick Smith Electronics
Developers:Dubois and McNamara

Spell It

The Game

SPELL-IT by Dick Smith Electronics is a spelling aid program for the AQUARIUS HOME COMPUTER and requires a 16K RAM PACK.

SPELL-IT has a list of 40 words already in its memory when it loads into the computer but the user can create, save to tape, and later load back from tape his own lists of words. The only requirements of a list is that no word can be longer then 18 characters and that it must contain 40 words. Lists created with SPELL-IT can be read by its sister program READ-IT.

The student works on 8 words within the main list. These can be selected by the student or by random. Once a subset of 8 words are selected the program will only use those words until another selection is made.

In the SPELLING LEARNER mode the words are first flashed to the student, then; spelt and then finally flashed to the student once more. The student should redo this until he feels he knows how to spell the words.

In the FIND IT mode the student will be presented with 8 versions of a word, only one of which will be right. The student has to pick the right one.

In the UNSCRAMBLE mode the student will be given a word with all the letters scrambled. He has to type in the correct spelling for that word.