Mattel Aquarius

Mattel Aquarius Software

Software for the Mattel Aquarius was available on cartridge and cassette tape. So far, I have 18 unique cartidges and 42 cassette tapes in my collection. Always looking for more! Select a title from the left-hand bar to learn more about the software.

Cartridge software

Although a cassette tape drive was available, commercial software programs was also released on cartridges, which plug into the cartridge port on the back of the system. Inside the cartridge, there are just a few ROM chips with the program already burned in. By having 8Kb or 16 KB games reside in a ROM cartridge it was possible to get around the limited 1,7K RAM memory of the Aquarius system.

Companies that released sofware on cartridge
Mattel ElectronicsMattel Electronics - logo
Radofin ElectronicsRadofin Electronics - logo
Ecico ElectronicsEcico Electronics - logo
8 Bit Milli Games8 Bit Milli Games - logo


Cassette software

Tape software could be loaded with the datarecorder (A standard cassette machine). Most software on cassette require the 16K RAM Extension.

Companies that released sofware on tape
Radofin ElectronicsRadofin Electronics - logo
Add On ElectronicsAdd On Electronics - logo
C.C.I. ElectronicsC.C.I. Electronics - logo
Micro Mart SoftwareMicro Mart Software - logo
Processor SoftwareProcessor Software - logo
Digital OutputDigital Output - logo
Dick Smith ElectronicsDick Smith Electronics - logo
v.Balen Softwarev.Balen Software
MicrodealMicrodeal - logo
CronosoftCronosoft - logo