Mattel Aquarius

Postman Pot
Postman Pot - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Add On Electronics
Developer:Kevin Baker

Postman Pot

The Game

In 'Happy-Happy' land everybodys lives in gaily coloured houses and has a lovely time al the time, expect Postman Pot.

Every morning he picks up his bag of letters and sets off to post them but on the corner of Chocolate Street is a big bad dog which bites him and Pot has to go to the hospital and doesn't deliver any letters.

Next day Pot goes round the backs of the houses and tries to deliver his letters but three dogs chase him. Pot runs down the street, across the road and gets run over by a car.

Pot the next day avoids the dogs, avoids the cars, delivers his letters, goes back to the post-office and is given pascels to deliver. He then has more dogs and more cars to content with.

Postmas Pot is a fun maze/strategy game that all the family can play. With progressively harder and harder screens. A full hall of fame and high score table Postman Pot will keep you engrossed for hours.