Mattel Aquarius

Games Pack 4

Games Pack 4

Games Pack 4 by Custom Cables International (C.C.I.) Electronics contains 4 games;

The Game

GAME 1 Painter
This is one of the arcade game favourites. Paint your way round the screen. But watch out how you go because lurking to get your your magical mystery paint brush are great big blobs of treacly turps. Turps is a bit dumb but the more works of art you create the more turps wises up, to come and get you. A lovely game with a family feel.

GAME 2 Pontoon
Pontoon, vingt-et-un, blackjack call what you will, this computer dealer never misses a shuffle and always gives you a square deal. Fot the beginner or the serious player, check this out, learn the cards before you go to Monte Carlo or Las Vegas.
GAME 3 Grand Prix
Overtaking or undertaking that the name of the game. Roar through the twisting turning track, overtake all the coloured cars. Move up from novice level 1, to student level 2. All the way up to world championship level 6. Fast, fun and for the family.
GAME 4 Alien Storm
You're caught in the intersteller grid, from each part of the grid a cloud of aliens attack, you frantically dash across the parallel axis and shoot them out. They gather into an alien storm and attack you from every part of the grid, you're caught and the only thing you can do is fire and fire and radio Mayday! Mayday! In space nobody can hear you screem.