Mattel Aquarius

Games Pack 1
Publisher:Add On Electronics

Games Pack 1

Games Pack 1 by Add On Electronics contains 4 games;

The Games

GAME 1 Stalactites
With you high powered laser gun you have to stop the stalactites from reaching the ground. All different coloured ones advance down onto you and you have to shoot them back to the ceiling or they start growing again. When you've shot them all down, up grows another lot of faster and longer ones.

GAME 2 Macho-Man
No chocolates to deliver just make Macho-Man jump up the different levels. If you jump wrong then Macho-Man is concussed and out of action and he can fall through the traps back to the start again. When he gets to the top you increase your score, then the floors move quicker and the trap doors get smaller. Jump away but you'd better be quick and alert (p.s. Britain needs lerts).
GAME 3 Othello
No games pack would be complete without this one. A devilishly addictive strategy game. This one is your own Aquarius computer version of the popular board game. Plan your moves carefully as one mistake can be very costly. Enjoy this superb game on your colour TV screen.
GAME 4 Mutants
Your'e trapped in the middle of your TV screen with only a limited number of fusion bullets, coming towards you from all directions are the mutants (n.b. a mutant is a cross between a dog (mut) and an ant). They inexorably and relentlessly close in on you. You swivel, you turn, you fire, you swivel, you turn you fire, you.........................