Mattel Aquarius

Pac Mr
Pac Mr - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Add On Electronics
Developer:Kevin Baker

Pac Mr

The Game

Meet the spooks. A scary weird bunch whose one aim in life is to stop you, Mr. Pac Mr, from eating your fill of lovely pulsating power pellets. You use your lightning speed to climb columns, scale slopes, lance lanes before the scary spooks catch you.
Then with enough power under your belt the music changes and now its your turn to spook the spooks. They run, rush, rave but they can't avoid you raving rushes and one by one you send them to the spooks graveyard. If you move fast you eat all the power pellets, get rid of all the spooks and move into the next time zone.
But be careful, this next lot of spooks were h'educated and h'eton, so they are a lot more cleverer and you're a long time dead. Or until you push the game start button. Join our hall of fame; sund us your comments along with your highes score.