Mattel Aquarius

Outpack 5
Publisher:Digital Output

Outpack 5 by Digital Output

Outpack 5 by Digital Output contains 5 games;
  • 1. Timetrap
  • 2. Gro-Worm
  • 3. Wampus Gold
  • 4. Bumpers
  • 5. Space Shoot

The Games

1. Timetrap
Cover the screen with your blue trail before you are boxed! React fast when stopped, or you may be forced into a change of direction you do no want.
2. Gro-Worm
Your snake must eat the numbers that appear, to help it grow, but avoid the ever increasing rocks and the edge of the field.
3. Wampus Gold

You are in the caves of the Wampus, armed only with a 6-shooter. You are hunting for the Wampus' gold and then the exit from the cave system. The deadly slime pit is in one cave, and some others have bats in, that you run from.

If you meet the Wampus and shoot quickly he will run off, but he may return! You can run too, but he may follow! With no shots left, or react too slowly, and you will become his dinner!

The caves are a fixed system, but the 'Feature Locations' change at the start of each game. The Wampus makes random 'Legal' moves from one cave to another.

4. Bumpers
You have 5 lives. Keep the ball in play and score points off the back wall. Each hit may geneerate or destroy a 'Bumper'. Bumpers only appear on the blue and cause the ball to rebound in another direction when hit.
5. Space Shoot
The computer will keep the target in your 'aiming window,' it is up to you to center it on your blue sights and shoot before it dodges! Onto the next one before your time runs out!