Mattel Aquarius

Outpack 2
Publisher:Digital Output

Outpack 2 by Digital Output

Outpack 2 by Digital Output contains 5 games;
  • 1. Collector
  • 2. Blocked
  • 3. Rocket Run
  • 4. Minefield
  • 5. Air defence

The Games

1. Collector
Collect the blocks by running them over. Avoid the Black ones as they explode and cost one of your three lives. The Green blocks are worth two points and the Violet blocks five.
2. Blocked
You must try to cover the screen with your Blue Trail before the computer boxes you in. You cannot move onto the border or an occupied space.
3. Rocket Run
Your job as a Rocket Pilot is to ferry cargo across the Asteroid Belt. You must avoid the Asteroids, but collect your fuel as you go. Your faulty fuel gauge only shows when you have almost run out.
4. Minefield
You are at the entrance to a minefield and must cross to the top exit. Your only aid is a condition meter that shows Green until a mine is within one move when it will turn Red. Try for the shortest survival. Retreading steps loses points.
5. Air-Defence
You command a battery of thirty guided missiles. Destroy the passing aircraft as early as possible for maximum points.