Mattel Aquarius

Outpack 1
Publisher:Digital Output

Outpack 1 by Digital Output

Outpack 1 by Digital Output contains 5 games;
  • 1. Snake
  • 2. Masterguess
  • 3. Symon
  • 4. Bomber
  • 5. Hi-Lo

The Games

1. Snake
Hit the letters in order. Once moving you can't stop. Touching the walls or a wrong letter ends the game. The first screen shows 11 letters, the other each add five more. You win on reaching Z.
2. Masterguess
You have fifteen tries to find the computers three digit number. No two digits are alike.
3. Symon
Copy the sequence given by the computer. You are allowed three mistakes.
4. Bomber
Flatten the city and land on the cleared space without hitting the buildings. Bombs add to your score and remove seven floors from buildings. The three mistles do not score but clear up to two rows below you.
5. Hi-Lo
Bet on the turn of the next card, will you be a winner?