Mattel Aquarius

Melody Chase
Melody Chase - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Mattel, Inc.

Melody Chase

The Game

Melody Chase is an exciting adventure into the realm of music for one to eight players. The action takes place on a bar of music with twenty moving notes and endless number of firemen armed with waterballs. You control three fireballs. Dodge the firemen and your fireball at the silent notes. But hurry! You have a limited time for each shot. You will lose your fireball if you wait too long to shoot, if you miss a tone, or if you touch a man. If you touch a waterball the firemen will gain speed and quickly change directions to trap you. If you hit a note, you gain points and hear the note play. Shoot again with the same fireball. Hit all twenty notes and hear the song play. Then begin the bonus bars. See how far you can go!