Mattel Aquarius

Mazantics - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Add On Electronics
Developer:Kevin Baker


The Game

This is the shoot-'em out game of 1985. You are spaceman 'Luke Lazer' and are stuck in the maze world of 'N-ochance'. You are stuck on the bottom level of N-ochance and being sought out by real dumb Tobors. As they close in you easily blast them in 'No-Tobor-Anymore' (N.T.A.), and move onto the next level where an equally thick bunch of Tobors try to get you. Lazering your way round and down the labyrinth you move onto the next level.

Now these Super-Tobors start to work together and they nearly get you before you turn them into N.T.A. The next level finds more Tobors and some of these are nuke-active and when they flash they fire back. Now you are running up, down, left, right and firing in all directions.

Eventually its N.T.A. and you get to the top level and are descended upon by hoards of intelligent, aggressive Tobors firing at you. Come on Luke its nuke or be nuked. With the high score table this is the shoot-'em up game of all shoot-'em ups.