Mattel Aquarius

Kronos Europea

Kronos Europea logo

The Kronos Europea is exactly the same computer as the Mattel Aquarius. Radofin Electronics used the Kronos Europea to target the Italian market.

The only difference with the original Mattel Aquarius is the logo located at the right hand besides the keyboard.

Kronos Europea Aquarius Kronos Europea Aquarius

The Kronos Europea I own has serial number 0517161. Note the Aquarius logo in the upper left corner!

Kronos Europea Aquarius

The system is very complete, with the original packaging, the Italian manuals and a cassette with games. There are 4 games on the cassette, Two Basic programs by Processor software called GAMBLER and GUNFIGHT, and two machine coded games by Add-On Electronics called Mad Mould and Outline.

Kronos Europea package