Mattel Aquarius

Gamespack 4
Publisher:Processor Software

Gamespack 4 by Processor

Gamespack 4 by Processor software contains 5 games;
  • 1. Super slot
  • 2. Golf
  • 3. Invasion
  • 4. Killer sub
  • 5. Survival

The Games

1. Super slot
Spin the wheels of fortune.
2. Golf
Play a 9 hole round, using the fewest possible strokes. Enter force then press RTN.
3. Invasion
You are protecting your planet from alien landers. They have also caused a meteor storm that is deadly to you. If you are hit, you die. If 5 landers touch down, you are overrun.
4. Killer sub
Your submarine has 15 torpedoes to use against enemy ships.
5. Survival
You control a bug, trapped on a rising conveyor belt. Survive as long as possible by jumping down through the gaps.