Mattel Aquarius

Gamespack 3
Publisher:Processor Software

Gamespack 3 by Processor

Gamespack 3 by Processor software contains 5 games;
  • 1. Gunfight
  • 2. Gambler
  • 3. Moonlander
  • 4. Tracker
  • 5. Nim

The Games

1. Gunfight
You must shoot the outlaws coming into town. They will crouch to shoot at you. Each is faster than the last.
2. Gambler
You bet on a number appearing on any of 3 dice. You win your stake, times the number of dice your number appears on.
3. Moonlander
You must land on the flat area of the Moon. Your panel displays:-Fuel, Horizontal & Vertical velocities & Height. On landing, if speeds are over +or- .5 then you have crashed.
4. Tracker
You must follow the trail left by the intruder and catch it.
5. Nim
Remove from 1-5 tokens from any group.The last 'taker' wins. The computer will beat you if it can.