Mattel Aquarius

FinForm - Mattel Aquarius Software
Publisher:Mattel Electronics



Ever wished you could manage your home expenses in a truly quick and easy way? The Aquarius FinForm cartridge is designed to do just that. Just snap it into you Aquarius computer and a whole new world of household budgetting and financial planning is open to you!

FINFORM is the home finance and budget management program designed to run on the AQUARIUS Home Computer System, but you don't need to know a thing about computer programming to make FINFORM work for you. It comes in a cartridge, ready to go. Use it with your Aquarius Home Computer System, Mini Expander and either 4K or 16K Memory. In a short time you'll be inside a whole new world of home budgetting.

Best of all, you don't even have to be good with figures. FINFORM not only makes your calculations for you, it helps you make long-term projections, which you can store and alter at your convenience. FINFORM is fun to learn, and it's easy to use. Most important, it's a powerful home management tool designed to make things simpler.