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Extended Basic
Extended Basic - Mattel Aquarius Software
Publisher:Radofin Electronics

Extended Microsoft Basic

Are you ready for more? More programming possibilities, more flexibility, more fun? That's what Extended BASIC gives you. You can still use all the features of Regular BASIC, plus the extra features offered by Extended BASIC.

"Regular" BASIC is the version of the BASIC language that came with your Aquarius computer when you bought it. "Extended" BASIC allows you to continue using Regular BASIC as well as number of "extensions" or features that Regular BASIC does not include. Unlike Regular BASIC, Extended BASIC is not build into your Aquarius computer, you use it by plugging in a separate cartridge.

With extended BASIC, you'll be able to edit programs more efficiently and create beautiful graphics. You can add charts and graphs and lively animation to your repertoire of programming abilities. Extend BASIC can spice up your programs so much that you may discover a new fascination with programming.