Mattel Aquarius

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Treasue of Tarmin
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Mattel Electronics
Licensed from:TSR Hobbies

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Treasue of Tarmin

The Game

An OMINOUS CASTLE awaits you in the land of Tarmin...filled with treasures, magical items...and horrifying monsters. Out of sheer courage and curiosity you force yourself in, not knowing that your days are numbered...

With just a bow, a shield, a quiver or arrows, a sack of flour, and an empty pack you move through ENDLESS DUNGEONS and CORRIDORS, haunted by swiftley appearing DEMONS. Somewhere the DRAGON KING awaits you. You fight your way through sinister doors, hidden doors, and strange ladders that take you you collect TREASURES, SHIELDS, and WEAPONS. You encouter PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL OBJECTS which may build your character, play dangerous tricks on you, or weaken your body entirely. You must therefore be wise and cautious as well as bold and strong! Know what to collect, and when to fight! Your ultimate goal is to DESTROY the DRAGON KING, fo there's no returning home otherwise. And you are completely ALONE! You can carry a maximum of 8 items (6 in your pack and 2 in your hands) at any time. Items can be swapped around for effective use. Keep track of treasures in your possession and of your physical and spiritual strength by checking the 4-way scoring display as you move ahead...and make sure you SLAY the DRAGON KING!


Additional Info

Many visitors are leaving a message in my Guestbook requesting information where they can find the game Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. There is good news for all those AD&D - Lovers. James The Animal Tamer has written an excellent emulator for the Mattel Aquarius computor, called The Virtual Aquarius (VAQ). The Mattel Aquarius community from Yahoo groups has provided many Aquarius games & ROMs for James to be included with the VAQ.
When you download the VAQ latest version 0.72a you will find a binary file called "AD&D.bin" in the ROM directory. For more information read the readme.txt files included with VAQ.
Please check out my Links page to find the webpages of the Mattel Aquarius community, James The Animal Tamer and more webpages on the Mattel Aquarius cartridge Dungeons and Dragons.