Mattel Aquarius

Disco Fever
Disco Fever - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Add On Electronics
Custom Cables International
Developer:Kevin Baker

Disco Fever

The Game

You are John Revolting the disc jockey at the 'Spin-Inn'. Spikey Sarah your girlfriend who drinks a drink every three minutes has decided to sit at the far end of the disco.

You have to go to the bar, get her a drink, take it to her table whilst avoiding the dancers. However, you have to keep the music playing and must go to the record store and put on a new record before the first one stops. Lurking in the alley near the record store are the 'teeny-bopper' muggers who must be avoided.

Putting on a new record increases your score, but brings out more dancers on the floor and Sarah wants another drink and the muggers have got more of their friends.

Come on, John Revolting, up to the bar, cross the dance floor, down to the record store. . . and the beat goes on.