Mattel Aquarius

Demo cassette

The Games

GAME 1: Stalactites
With you high powered laser gun you have to stop the stalactites from reaching the ground. All different colored stalactites advance down onto you and you have to shoot them back to the ceiling or they start growing again. When you've shot them all down, up grows another lot of faster and longer ones.

GAME 2: Macho-Man
No chocolates to deliver just make Macho-Man jump up the different levels. If you jump wrong then Macho-Man is concussed and out of action and he can fall through the traps back to the start again. When he gets to the top you increase your score, then the floors move quicker and the trap doors get smaller. Jump away but you'd better be quick and alert.
GAME 3: Torment
This is a game that requires skill, strategy and a restless mind. On the right hand side of the screen the computer generates a random color pattern. You are dealt color blocks which, with your cursor, you place in position to match the computer pattern. You can select the skill level and you can check your score. Waiting for the next block to arrive, what color will it be, where can I fit it in? You must fit the block into the grid, even if it knocks one out of the other side. Torment, a game for the restless minds.
GAME 4: Cute Cubes
You remember the old plastic hand held games, where you push plastic arount to everything in order? Wll now it's computerised and boy is it cute. The computer randomly mixes up the letters in any degree of difficulty and you have to unscramble them. If you watch carefully at the beginning you can follow the computer making the moves and then copy it and put everything back in its place. Simple fun? Not likely, it might be cute cubes to the computer, but to you it's fiendish, fickle, frustrating, futile, fruitful, fabulous fun.
GAME 5: Alien Quest
The Alien attack has begun, the safety of the planet depends upon you. Your space ship is protected by an energy shield and equiped with a powerful laser gun. Go and crash all the invaders. May the force be with you.
GAME 6: Mad Mould
You are surrounded by horrible, infectious, mad mould. It follows you wherever you go. The only way out is to destroy it before destroys you.