Mattel Aquarius

Demonstration cart
Demo Cartridge - Mattel Aquarius Software
Publisher:Mattel Electronics

Demonstration Cartridge

Sales Demonstration Cart

This cart was meant for an in-store display to show off the Aquarius Home Computer and its pheripherals. Basically, the cart boots up with Mattel's standard Aquarius bootscreen,but where the title of the software goes, it has a yellow text box describing the demo and shows what you will see.

It lists, in order:

Then it takes you through each title.

Fileform lets you add addresses and use the find/replace function on preentered text and lets you print the results.

Logo goes through a graphic/programming demo.

Finform shows you a spreadsheet with baseball averages, while it makes entries and shows you the automatic calculations.

Space Speller shows a non-interactive demo of the game.

Nightstalker is static with a simple flashing message on the bottom "Feel The Thrill Of Night Stalker Race Through Your Veins!".

Biorhtythms shows you sample compatibility between J.R. Ewing and Sue Ellen from the hit 1980's tv show "Dallas" complete with "TM Lorimar Studios" after the names.