Mattel Aquarius

D-Fenders - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Add On Electronics
Developer:Kevin Baker


The Game

This is probably one of the best machine code games ever written for a home micro. Kevin Baker who wrote Jawz, Tobor, 3d Star Wars and many other hit games rates D-Fenders as one of his best games.

The game is all action with ever type of alien attack including sub-human flying saucer parachutists. Sometimes you forward looking echo sounder shows a complete screen full of enemy attack. The only way through is to use your Baker-bomb, this ultimate weapon wipes everything in its path out. But you only have three Baker bombs for your life's mission so use them sparingly.

The rest of the time you use your heat seeking lasers and depend on manouvering your space craft to keep you and your crew alive. With forward thrust, reverse firering its possible to keep this fantastic all action machine code game going for hours.