Mattel Aquarius

Burgertime - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Mattel Electronics
Licensed from:Data East


The Game

Nasty hot dogs, pickles, and eggs chase your chef as he builds delicious hamburgers. Time it just right and the nasties plummet into the burger. But if a pickle gets you first, your chef is cooked. So once you've mustered enough strength, finish the burgers and relish your victory!

Your chef, PETER PEPPER, is surrounded! Pickles and hot dogs are everywhere! Dodge down a ladder, pepper a pickle and you've escaped. They all chase after you. Run for your life to the next bun. Gobble some fries along the way and you've got some pepper - just in case. Lead them on a chase and the nasties get stuck together. Tiptoe out onto a bun and they follow in a bunch. Pepper 'em, step off, and drop 'em. WAY TO MOVE!!! You've got 16,000 point and are one step closer to BURGERTIME!