Mattel Aquarius

Bounder - Mattel Aquarius Game
Publisher:Add On Electronics
Developer:Kevin Baker


The Game

Sometimes a game comes along, which appeals to a certain type of player. Bounder is an all machine code game written for anybody who plays any game which involves co-ordination of hand and eye.
Initially you have a target and left and right hand ballistic bats. Your first shot at the target results in a miss . . . the ball canons back to your bat which cantilevers and fires the ball off at right angles to the target. You slash with a new right hand bat and the ball hurtles left, you flick with your left hand bat, the ball goes up, hits an old bat, goed down, left, right, hits your new bat and "Wipe Out" the target disappears.
Now the game gets faster and faster, you have a screen full of bats, the ball whizzes around like a pinn ball, your'e running out of time, and then "Bango" you smash the target again.
Bounder is not a game for the faint hearts, it's an all action game, which make pool, darts, snooker, squash, table tennis, tennis look like a snails game of dominoes.
Bounder, bounces, bounds, bowls, blasts, blitzes, burns balls beautifully.