Mattel Aquarius

Games Pack 3
Publisher:ADONIC Electronics

Games Pack 3

Games Pack 3 by Addonic Electronics contains 4 games;

The Games

GAME 1 Mad Mould
This is a really fast and furious game. Your space ship is multi-directional and can fire in any direction, but has fallen into the mouldy-belt. The mindless moulds close in and try to overcome you by infecting you with mouldy-mould. If you stay in the middle and rotate and fire you stand a change of wiping the mould out. However, the minute all the mould has gone another strain appears to try to envelope you.

GAME 2 Invisible Outline
Within the labyrinth of your computer screen lie eight hidden squares guarded by roller balls. If you cross over the outline of one of the squares, it suddenly reveals the part and colour you have crossed over. Your job is to outline all he squares whilst keeping out of the way of the roller balls, which will squash you flat for revealing the squares secrets. The more squares you reveal the more roller ball guardians appear to squash you flat.
GAME 3 Alien Attack
We were asked by the Milky-Bar-Kid to produce a never ending, more difficult by the minute zap game, Alien Attack is it. Starting with an attack of aliens you easily blast them out with your twin lazers, then another attack faster and faster, then another attack. Our programmers have played Alien Attack for 20 minutes, the accountant for 2 hours, the girls in the factory for 4 hours, the M.D. for 2 minutes and the tea lady for 8 hours. We didn't get any tea, but she sure likes zap games.
GAME 4 Cute Cubes
You remember the old plastic hand held games, where you push plastic around to get everything in order? Well not it's computerised and boy it is cute. The computer randomly mixes up the letters in any degree of difficulty and you have to unscramble them. If you watch carefully at the beginning you can follow the computer making the moves and then copy it and put everything back in its place. Simple fun? Not likely, it might be cute cubes to the omputer, but to you it's fiendish, fickle, frustating, futile, furious, fruitful, fabulous fun.