Mattel Aquarius

First Adventure
Publisher:Digital Output

First Adventure by Digital Output

The Game

There are many quests to be fulfilled and battles to be fought in this bright new land.

You are the adventurer whose task is to seek an audience with the last of The Old Heroes.

This legendary figure lives in a guarded tower and will see no-one unless they his equipment consisting of the Runesword, White Shield and the Powerstar. These items are scattered over the kingdom and have so far not been recovered.

You must collect these items if you are to achieve your task of meeting the last of The Old Heroes.

What will happen if you succeed? Complete the adventure and find out!

The interpreter will accept commands in the (now classic) Verb/Noun format, e.g. go north, climb tree etc. and also some one word commands like help, inventory etc. Some useful words are take, drop, look, quit etc.