Mattel Aquarius

16K+ Cartridge

With this schedule you can rebuild an Aquarius 16K memory module into an 16K+ cartridge. This cartridge can be used in combination with a standard 16K memory to get 32K memory. If you use it in combination with a 32K memory module you will get approx. 49K free memory. This type of cartridge is also refered to as a homebrew RAM expander for the Mattel Aquarius computer.

Make the following adjustments to the mini-expander:

  • Ground connection #34 from the MEMORY port
  • Ground connection #44 from the PROGRAM port

  • Switch 1: 0x4000 - 0x7FFF, normal 16k - usage
  • Switch 2: 0x8000 - 0xBFFF, usage with another 16k; together 32k
  • Switch 3: 0xC000 - 0xFFFF, Cartridge mode; upper 16k memory. Usage with an 32k; together approx. 49k

    After the modifications your 16K cartridge may look like this: