Mattel Aquarius

Aquarius Quick Disk drive

The Aquarius Quick Disk system, produced by Radofin Electronics, allowed up to 100K of data to be saved on double-sided 2.8" disks (50K each side). Data is recorded in a 'spiral' pattern, rather than in concentric circles. Aquarius Quick Disk drive

Up to 2 drives can be connected together.

Although marketed as a floppy-disk drive, the Aquarius Quick Disk can more accurately categorised as a 'stringly-floppy'-style system, since 'disk' access is sequential rather than random. The maximum seek-time is approximately 8 seconds.

Radofin also produced Quick disk drives for its Dragon computer and a line called Triton Quick Disk for the Commodore 64, Spectrum and MSX.

2.8" Quick Disk
Aquarius Quick Disk
AWrite protection
BArrow shows directorion
CNotification side A or B
DHub ring
ELabel area

Summary of AQ-DOS commands

  1. 1. DIR, drive number
    • Function: To display the directory of the diskette.
      Example: DIR, 1
  2. 2. INIT, drive number
    • Funtion: To format and initialize a diskette.
      Example: INIT, 1
  3. 3. SAVE "file name", drive number
    • Function: To store a BASIC program onto a diskette.
      Example: SAVE "TEST", 1
  4. 4. LOAD "file name", drive number
    • Function: To load a file from the disk drive.
      Example: LOAD "TEST", 1
  5. 5. KILL "file name", drive number
    • Function: To delete a file from the diskette.
      Example: KILL "TEST", 1
  6. 6. WRITE "file name", drive number, top address, end address, execution address
    • Function: To save a MACHINE CODE program on to a diskette.
      Example: WRITE "CODE", 1, 3900, 39A0, 3900
  7. 7. DISKCOPY
    • Function: To copy a file from a diskette
      Example: DISKCOPY
      The computer will prompt you for the file name, drive numer of the source and destination