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Any chance for the software archive on your site? The one included with Virtual Aquarius is so much incomplete compared to yours.
22 November 2017, 13:40:08

You're a very beneficial site; could not make it without ya!
26 October 2017, 10:09:54

Wow, gorgeous website. Thnx .
6 October 2017, 10:07:42

Morgan Skinner
I just happened to wander down memory lane today and found your page when I was looking to see if anyone had Hopper which I wrote back in 1983. Glad to see that someone had it!

I was paid a 250 advance which seemed reasonable as it only took a short while to code and I was 16 at the time - can't remember what I spent the cash on but the game was a flop (as was the Mattel Aquarius to be fair) so that was the end of my very short stint at games development.

Anyhow, thanks for preserving this for posterity!


26 February 2015, 11:39:37

John Waalkes
I had one back in the day, and played it constantly!

It wasn't for sale long on the market, and I wasn't able to get the expansion memory.

So I paid a guy to hand build a wire-wrapped memory card for me. I still have it. :)
21 February 2015, 07:44:22

Mike wolf
Hey! Nice page about Aquiarus, I had played it in emulation and seems a nice computer. Maybe if it had better graphics could be a hit.

I send a message since I see in your Logo page that you call the cursor "turtle". It's name come from some logo versions that feature a small robot shaped like a turtle connect to the computer. Which traces a paint road in the floor when is controlled by the logo language. So you can guess that for home computers the screen replaces the painted floor.
30 September 2014, 07:04:33

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26 August 2014, 10:45:23

hi i had one of these in 84 with the digital output tapes also a text adventure tape by digital output i had the 16k expansion

happy times
17 November 2013, 01:15:24

ikkes_ik at yahoo dot com is my mail address.

I have an aquarius, which I've played around with for a while.
Now I want to pick up on it again, but I can't seem to remember how to check the amount of free memory I have left.
11 November 2013, 16:09:36

Hi, thank you for the excellent information and the website! I recently purchased an Aquarius on eBay and I look forward to using it soon!
20 August 2013, 01:03:44

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